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    Morbidstix brings the world the most unique and custom gaming controllers and consoles. Working with any and all gaming platforms, MorbidStix produces the finest and highest quality finishes and modifications from rapidfires to additional buttons, Lit buttons, to custom manufactured parts.

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  • Chrome
    Xbox One Controllers

    Customize your very own Chrome Xbox One Controller right now at MorbidStix.com

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  • Fully Customized
    Sony PS4 Controllers

    We sell only brand new, in the box customized and Modded PlayStation 4 Controllers.

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  • Get a Grip
    with Gamer Grip

    Used by all of the most professional gamers to keep their hands clean and dry during intense gameplay.

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Customize your Xbox One Controller at MorbidStix.com Customize your Xbox 360 Controller at MorbidStix.comCustomize your Nintendo Wii and Wii U Remotes at MorbidStix.comCustomize your PS4 Controller at MorbidStix.comCustomize your PS3 Controller at MorbidStix.com

MorbidStix.com - Building Tomorrows Gaming Experience

MorbidStix Brings the world the highest quality customizations for your gaming console and beyond. Specializing in Custom Gaming Controllers, Consoles and Accessories we bring the gaming industry the most sought after custom controllers in the world. Established in 2007 we have spent the last 7 years listening to you, our customer, to ensure your PlayStation Controller, Xbox Controller or Wii Remote is exactly what you want. Enjoy the lowest pricing available with the highest number of options anywhere under one awesome place, MorbidStix.